Life Transforming

Inductive Bible Study Book by Book is a simple, free, downloadable Inductive Bible Study resource to help you understand, apply and encounter the life-transforming power of God through His Word, the Bible.

The inductive Bible study method has been one of the most effective ways to study the Bible so it is with great joy that I commend this series of inductive Bible study booklets that have been produced to help many people study the Bible.

- Loren Cunningham

Founder of Youth With A Mission

We all want to study our Bibles. We all know we need to study our Bibles. The big question is, “How?” How does a person get started and keep going? The Inductive Bible Study Book By Book manuals give the tools, the format, and the how-to to get going and keep going for a lifetime of study. So dig in and discover for yourself the riches that await you in God’s Word!

- Dr. Ron & Judy Smith

Co-founders, School of Biblical Studies, Youth With A Mission
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What is Inductive Bible Study?

Our Approach

These booklets are a collection of study guides covering every book of the Bible. This collection is distinctive in that it is inductive, allowing the Scriptures to speak for themselves through seven simple steps. It is one of very few resources written for a non-English audience, as it was developed at the request of a group of churches in a country with almost non-existent Bible study resources. Each booklet has been carefully edited, tested and used in a group setting. The vocabulary has been intentionally selected to reach as many readers as possible. Most importantly, the focus of these booklets is on the final step of producing the fruit of Bible study—a transformed life.

These booklets can be used individually or in group settings, with or without discussion. We guarantee that when you use this book with a heart that is open to the Lord, the fruit of the Spirit will multiply in your life.

"Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit" - (John 15:5b).

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Our Story

This Inductive Bible Study Book by Book series has its roots in a story, a story about people hearing God’s voice, inviting them to follow Him to the nations. It began with a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ministry in Turner Valley (Alberta, Canada). People were praying for those who have never heard God’s good news, the unreached. Jim Stier, president of YWAM at the time, urged YWAM ministries to adopt unreached people groups and tell them God’s good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through those prayer times in 1997, a group of people heard the Holy Spirit guiding them to the mountains of Eastern Shan State, Myanmar, where they began a partnership with the local church.

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