Our Story

This Inductive Bible Study Book by Book series has its roots in a story, a story about people hearing God’s voice, inviting them to follow Him to the nations. It began with a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ministry in Turner Valley (Alberta, Canada). People were praying for those who have never heard God’s good news, the unreached. Jim Stier, president of YWAM at the time, urged YWAM ministries to adopt unreached people groups and tell them God’s good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through those prayer times in 1997, a group of people heard the Holy Spirit guiding them to the mountains of Eastern Shan State, Myanmar, where they began a partnership with the local church.

In 2009, a group of YWAMers left Canada at the invitation of the Eastern Shan State Baptist Convention. They came to raise up disciples of Christ by making God’s Word, the Bible, available and understandable to all in His church. In the 200 years since the Bible was translated by Adoniram Judson into Burmese, there have been very few Bible study resources produced to help understand and apply the Scriptures. For ten years, YWAM Shan Project facilitated training through YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS), Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and Titus Project (teacher training).

During that time, many rural pastors were unable to leave their ministries to attend training and satisfy their hunger to know God through His Word. Seeing this need, the Convention requested written material that these pastors and others could use in their own homes and churches to better understand the Word of God.

These booklets are the result of that request. This series, based on YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS), has taken years to develop by a vast international assortment of volunteers who passionately yearn to see the Word of God influence people’s worldview and daily choices. This is what being a disciple of Jesus Christ is about.

It is our prayer that these booklets will produce lasting fruit in your life; fruit that will ripple out, affecting not only you but those around you, the nations and the ends of the earth. May you encounter the Lord as you spend time in His Word

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