Inductive Bible Study Book by Book is a non-profit ministry of Shan Project and Youth with A Mission. The reason we have been able to produce this series is because of the generous support of individuals and church communities that have supported us to make these resources available. If you would like to give to see this inductive Bible study project completed in English, Burmese and Thai language, please click below.

Once completed, the Burmese series will be the first book-by-book Bible study resource since Adoniram Judson first bought the good news of Jesus Christ to the Golden shores of Myanmar over 200 years ago. To our knowledge, it will be the first of its type in Thai language. As well, our hope is to have this resource in many other languages so that the least-reached nations have access to quality Bible study resources. Please consider supporting this project.

All donations will be processed through Shan Project and Youth With A Mission, please designate your gift to "Shan Project, Inductive Bible Study Book by Book."

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