Our Approach

These booklets are a collection of study guides covering every book of the Bible. This collection is distinctive in that it is inductive, allowing the Scriptures to speak for themselves through seven simple steps. It is one of very few resources written for a non-English audience, as it was developed at the request of a group of churches in a country with almost non-existent Bible study resources. Each booklet has been carefully edited, tested and used in a group setting. The vocabulary has been intentionally selected to reach as many readers as possible. Most importantly, the focus of these booklets is on the final step of producing the fruit of Bible study—a transformed life. 

These booklets can be used individually or in group settings, with or without discussion. We guarantee that when you use this book with a heart that is open to the Lord, the fruit of the Spirit will multiply in your life. 

"Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit" - (John 15:5b).

Seven Steps of the Inductive Method

Step 1:  Pray 

Prayer is the key to meaningful Bible study. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. Prayer keeps us connected and engaged in a loving relationship with God.

Step 2:  Read the whole text aloud in one sitting (1st reading)

Reading the whole text out loud in one sitting helps us see and hear the book as it was meant to be read. If you received a letter, you would read it from beginning to end as a whole letter. This is how the Bible is meant to be read as well.     

Step 3:  Colour the text (2nd reading)

Colouring the Bible helps us to connect with the text and observe what is in the book.

Step 4:  Summarize each segment (3rd reading)

Summarize each segment of thought. In one or two sentences,what is this paragraph or this chapter about? 

Step 5:  Look at the historical context (4th reading)

Think about the original reader. The Bible was written to real people in real situations where God intervened. What problems did they have? What was their culture? Why did the author write this book?

Step 6:  Study the book (5th reading)

What does the text say?  What did it mean to the original readers?  Why did the author write this?  What is the timeless truth from this passage?  What does it mean to us today? 

Step 7:  Take steps towards life-changing transformation

The goal of Bible study is a transformed life through encountering God. What is one change God is inviting you to as a result of your study of His Word?